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While freelancing at Poole based digital agency Electropages Media I was tasked with creating a logo, brand guidelines and a website for a completely new online electronic ‘maker community’ Electromaker.io.

The brief was simple create an exciting new brand to appeal to a large and passionate online community of like minded makers.

As the website hosts users projects, listing in great detail components used and also the process involved in producing their particular project the website required quite a lot of thought especially when it came to the user journey.

The website has since grown and expanded to include a forum, shop and board guide.

About me /

I'm fascinated by all forms of visual communication from typography and illustration to photography and web design.

When I'm not pushing pixels I can be found avidly following nearly every type of motorcycle racing.

Inspiration /

Inspiration arrives from so many different places, from a conversation with friends to a piece of junk mail that comes through the door!

As designers we're never truly off duty and happily spend our lives looking and absorbing everything around us.

Contact me /

Feel free to get in touch to discuss any projects.

Email: dan@pixel8-design.co.uk

Phone: 07968 195859