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Kaha Executive Coaching is an exciting new business venture that aims to help talented women reach their full potential in the workplace.

After a consultation with the client I had a clear idea of the direction they wanted to go with the branding and website.

The end result was a strong brand identity and a content managed responsive website with lots of clear and easy to access information.

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About me /

I'm fascinated by all forms of visual communication from typography and illustration to photography and web design.

When I'm not pushing pixels I can be found avidly following nearly every type of motorcycle racing.

Inspiration /

Inspiration arrives from so many different places, from a conversation with friends to a piece of junk mail that comes through the door!

As designers we're never truly off duty and happily spend our lives looking and absorbing everything around us.

Contact me /

Feel free to get in touch to discuss any projects.

Email: dan@pixel8-design.co.uk

Phone: 07968 195859